The adrop story began while on a kite-surfing trip in Sri Lanka. In early 2020, we were patiently following updates on the starting Covid-19 pandemic. While being stuck in Sri Lanka, waiting to get back we tried to learn as much as possible about the virus. It quickly became apparent that following hygiene rules is one of the most effective ways to stay healthy so we had to take measures for the trip back to Germany. When looking for hand sanitizers, we realized that the only thing we were left with was sticky gels, bad smells and dry hands.

We set out to make an impact… Surprisingly, the story repeated itself once back in Germany. We were disappointed at how little thought was given to hand sanitizers. Following this experience, we were determined to make happy and clean hands accessible to everyone. We partnered with industry experts from the cosmetics and medical space that believed in us and helped us bring our vision to life. Our goal was to reimagine daily hand hygiene by creating an experience people would actually enjoy.

The result is adrop: the first hand sanitizer on a mission, the only hand sanitizer that you’ll actually want to use.

adrop founders changing the hand hygiene game

We rethink hand sanitizing

Proven ingredients

We only use carefully selected and dermatologically tested ingredients from our experienced cosmetics partner to put your personal well being above everything else.

Responsibly made

Being cruelty-free, without any animal testing, entirely vegan and gluten-free is an integral part of our social responsibility and is at the heart of adrop’s values.

Good for your skin

We infuse our liquid with antioxidant-rich vitamins and natural essential oils to provide soothing skin care and long-lasting protection for the natural skin barrier.

Enjoyable to use

We wanted to make sure your new daily companion sets a benchmark in usability and design in the wasteland of boring, transparent look-alikes.

adrop two hands touching fingers in front of bush

Staying true to our mission

Believing in the importance of improving the lives of others is part of our DNA from Day 1. This is the reason why we dedicate 10% of our profits to organizations that provide clean drinking water and sanitation to people that are in need.

Your support helps us provide life-changing solutions to people without access to clean water in partnership with Viva con Agua.

adrop partnership viva con aqua hands washing and clean water

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